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Caroline Gilby MW reported that over 10 million tourists a year now visit Croatia. No wonder. The place is a picturesque, holidaymaker’s dream with over 6,000km of Adriatic coastline bathed in a warm Mediterranean climate. It is a sun-seeker’s paradise! The Istrian peninsula, to the north-west of the country, stretches in Slovenia and north-east Italy, and it is home to two of Croatia’s finest grapes: Teran and Malvasija Istarska (malvasia Istriana).

Teran is indigenous to neighbouring Slovenia where its protected but allowed to grow across the Istrian peninsula – including in Croatia where it arguably performs best. At its finest, Teran is a medium-full bodied wine with ripe cherry fruit, excellent acidity and a bitter character of black pepper and herbs. It is almost always oak-matured to soften its tannic nature.

Malvasija-Istarska is indigenous to Croatia and regarded as an ancient variety. Today there are over 2000 hectares of Malvasija planted. Styles can range from fragrant, orchard fruit and easy drinking white wines to mouth-watering, tangy and savoury styles. It is one of the most exciting varieties we’ve tasted.

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