An Exclusive Selection of Quality Hungarian Wine

Hungary is one of the great wine producers of the Ancient world - and it's also the home of our co-founder Gyorgy. Featuring a variety of still styles and excellent sparkling wines, Hungary also provides some of the best value for money in return for quality. As well as the exceptional region of Tokaj, which can trace its history back centuries, the Danube River runs through the exciting regions of Eger in the north to Villany in the south, while Lake Balaton showcases some of the finest terroir-style wines we've ever tried. Enjoy our exclusive selection below.

Sabar Keknyelu Kőmagas Lake Balaton White Wine

Sabar Keknyelu Kőmagas 2017, Hungary


Dry white wine, 75cl. 100% Keknyelu from Lake Balaton, Hungary. 12.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegans. Keknyelu is a rare single sex grape variety that m...

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