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Frederiksdal Estate

Harald Krabbe, owner of Frederiksdal Estate in Lolland, Denmark, happened upon winemaking almost by accident. He met chef Jan Friis-Mikkelsen and journalist Morten Brink Iwersen, who had heard of the excellent cherries of the region, and following their meeting the idea to use them for winemaking was born. Krabbe's 24 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries are used as the product, while his winemaking method is inspired by visits to some of the very best wineries in Europe. Together, the three men have pioneered cherry wine and today there are 44 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries at Frederiksdal

The estate is based on the western tip of Lolland, next to the Langeland Strait, and is an area ideal for cherry production. Sun reflects off the sea, spring arrives early and the winter is mild. This means, like with grapes, the cherries can enjoy a long growing season. 

Frederiksdal Estate

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