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England & Wales

Today there are over 500 English and Welsh vineyards in the United Kingdom. Each ambitious producer is striving to create quality wine. We now produce some of the finest sparkling wines in the world, rivalling those of Champagne. Next to the fizz, England and Wales produce a range of genuinely exciting white, rosé, red and dessert wines. Ben & Gyorgy have carefully selected one of the country's leading selections of English and Welsh wines for Novel Wines.

Once Upon A Tree Dabinett Pinot Noir Rose Cider
from £11.99

Once Upon A Tree Limited Edition Dabinett & Pinot Rose Cider, England

Limited edition cider that's an all natural infusion of fresh red berries and rich apples. Once Upon A Tree Dabinett & Pinot is a dry rose cid...

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from £11.99

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