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We love Croatian wine. In fact it's the third largest selection on our wine list and for good reason. The quality and value you can find in Croatian wines is sublime, from crisp and fresh white wines to juicy, rounded whites; and red wines with robust structure and tartness that are great with food to the full bodied, luxurious red wines from the Postup and Dingac appellations of Dalmatia. Croatia is easily one of the world's most exciting wine producing regions and we can't wait for you to explore our range below.

Ilocki Podrumi Traminac Premium 2018, Croatia
from £19.49

Ilocki Podrumi Traminac Premium 2018, Croatia

A Mediterranean Gewurztraminer with an alluring nose of roses, sultanas and honey and oozing with exotic fruit. Ilocki Podrumi know how it's done -...

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from £19.49

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