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Chateau Purcari

Chateau Purcari is the first “wine castle” built in Moldova, in 2003. The Chateau is located in the picturesque south-east part of Moldova, Ștefan-Vodă district. The large white castle is an extension of the Purcari winery, which has been making wine since 1827, when Emperor of Russia Nicholas I issued a special decree granting Purcari the status of the first specialized winery in Bessarabia. Today the winery is well renowned for its quality and has received significant backing from a range of investors and wine enthusiasts.
Bostavan DOR Red 2018, Moldova
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Bostavan DOR Red 2018, Moldova

Big, bold red wine full of black coffee, plums, violets and cigars. Dry red wine, 75cl. Full bodied Rara Neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon blend from ...

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from £10.99

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