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Canelones is the top winegrowing region in Uruguay and home to most of the country's vineyards. It's located in the central southern coastal area of the country, facing north Argentina. Here Ocean breezes keep climates moderate and ensure vines are well ventilated. The soils are free draining and there are over 200 days of intense sunshine annually, allowing Tannat - the region's flagship grape - to ripen fully but slowly, leading to the most characterful of wines.

Harvest in Canelones and much of Uruguay takes place between February and April each year. The country is made up of many small-scale, family-run wineries with some making wine as far back as the 18th century when vines were brought to Uruguay by the Spanish. Today there are over 220 wineries producing 10 million cases of wine a year.

Uruguay is ranked third in the world on the Environmental Sustainability Index and is proud to be one of the globe's most green and environmentally stable countries.


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