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Beqaa Valley

Beqaa (or Bekaa) Valley is the epicentre of wine production in Lebanon. It's a plateau sitting 1,000m above sea level between the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges. The region enjoys dry Summers, cool nights and a fair amount of rainfall. Imagine it as a warmer version of Bordeaux, with the influence of the Mediterranean rather than the Atlantic. There is a mix of bush and trained trellis vines here, but most modern wineries like Musar and Ksara are using modern viticulture.

Lebanon itself is known for its Chateau Musar and Chateau Ksara wines as well as superb newcomers like Chateau Oumsiyat. Musar has pioneered quality Bordeaux-inspired red wines since it gained international recognition from auctioneer Michael Broadbent in 1979. It has a chequered history of tensions and conflict but nonetheless the winemakers carry on producing truly amazing wines.

Much of Lebanese winemaking is French-inspired and French varieties dominate plantings in Lebanon. In total, around 30 grape varieties are grown across Lebanon.

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