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Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer is the 4th generation to manage his family's 29 hectare estate and winery. He graduated from the School of Wine and Fruit Growing in Krems, Austria, before training in Burgundy for four years as an oenologist. Bauer has been at the helm of the winery since 1992, when he took over from his parents. Since 1992, he has grown it from 3.2 hectares to nearly ten times the size. The success came from Bauer's uncompromising pursuit for quality, focusing on Wagram's regional features and exposing the terroir in his wines. 

If you've never tried Bauer wines before, we would recommend starting with  his Gmork Gruner Veltliner if you like white wines or his Zweigelt if you're a red fan. Both are excellent, very well priced and will give you a glimpse of truly brilliant Austrian wine-making.

Anton Bauer

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