Usain Bolt tastes zero gravity fizz

Usain Bolt took to the sky aboard of an Airbus Zero-G to taste a glass of Mumm’s champagne with a specially designed bottle that allows it to be enjoyed in space.

When the champagne is ‘poured’ from the bottle, in zero gravity it looks like a drop of bubbles. Mumm’s cellar master Didier Mariotti says that because of zero gravity, once drank the liquid instantly coats the inside of the mouth, aplifying taste sensations and allowing the true expression of the wine to really shine.

Usain Bolt had the chance to try this amazing new way of enjoy the prestigious wine, but could not resist showcasing his skills, as he engaged in a race with French Astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and interior designer Octave de Gaulleas. Needles to say, he came first.

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