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Top #wine stories this week - 20 May 2017

Here's to another week of wine news! Cheers! As keen winos, we explore the best wine stories of the week in our weekly round-up. Catch up with the highlights below:

1. Women trading wine for cocktails due to "high alcohol", The Telegraph

In this latest 'scare piece' on the wine trade's falling sales-by-volume, The Telegraph reports that women are trading in wine for cocktails due to 'high alcohol content'. Despite the report, the online survey in the article shows over 3/4 of readers are not planning on giving up wine. What are your thoughts?

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2. Superior sniffers when it comes to wine and bananas, Drinks Business

According to research by Doctor John McGann, humans have a better sense of smell when it comes to wine and bananas than our canine friends. Light reading but certainly an interesting revelation...

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3. Croatian wine aged under water selling for £270 a bottle, Business Insider

The Croatian winery Edivo Vina, based in Dubrovnik, has taken to storing red wines in amphorae clay pots and ageing them under water. Aged for 2 years, the winery believes the constant temperature and pressue lead to a unique flavour.

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4. Wine tasting to raise money for Victoria Eye Unit, Ledbury Reporter

Always lovely to see great news stories like this. The county hospital's Victoria Eye Unit is raising money through a wine tasting event on Tuesday 6 June. It's a fun way to raise money for a fabulous cause!

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5. New York designer deconstructs wine bottle to create modern decanter, de zeen magazine

For all you artists and wine lovers out there! What do you think of this deconstructed wine bottle design by Karim Rashid? (click the read more link below). It's modern, funky and very suited to the Canadian winery it was made for - Stratus Vineyards.

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6. Wine in moderation 'good for the brain' suggests new research, Drinks Business

According to new research by Dr. Esteban-Fernández published in Drinks Business, moderate consumption of wine could help prevent the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson's. 

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