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Top #Wine Stories This Week - 13 May 2017

As keen winos, we like to be kept in the loop of all the most interesting stories in wine each week. Today we're rounding up our favourite news stories we think you should get your nose into...

1. How Millennials Talk About Wine, Forbes

We're keen to see if you agree with Cathy Huyghe's article on how to talk to millennials about wine. It's an interesting piece for any wine marketer especially and singles out five top themes: adventure; metaphors; cultural references; pricing; and adapting to change. There's a slight feeling some of this comes out of the same thinking as what was behind craft beer's booming trade.

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2. Vikings 'may have produced their own wine', The Telegraph

The Danes are known for their beer but over the recent years winemaking has been growing in the country. Partly due to rising temperatures and more advanced winemaking methods, Danes have been planting varieties that are thriving in their climate. New research, reported on in this article, shows that their winemaking history could stretch back to Roman times.

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3. Blue wine is coming to the UK, Cosmopolitan

Yep, blue wine. This new fad has already proved pretty popular for blue sparkling wine from Spain, used in cocktails on the London on-trade scene. In this story Cosmo reports on Saraceni's new Blumond blue wine - a combo of peach, blue curacao and Prosecco - coming in at 7% ABV. Would you try it?

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4. Wine event to kick-off Bev's £5,000 heart unit fundraiser, Cambrian News

We love stories like this. It's so lovely to see wine, which has such a rich cultural and social history, playing a part in bringing people together for a good cause. Cambrian News Managing editor Bev Thomas has organised the wine event and this good news wine story is well worth a read.

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5. English vineyards hit by 'catastrophic frost', BBC News

Some sad news now unfortunately as nearly half of this year's English wine vintage has been wiped out by April frosts, according to a report by the BBC. As a prominent supporter of English wines, we're devastated to hear this news but are pleased to report that the industry's resilience shows producers are rallying together to keep the English wine boom alive.

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