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Taking In The Notes: The Beauty Of Wine & Music Pairings

There’s nothing better than sipping a delicious glass of wine whilst listening to your favourite album, but which genres of music go well with which varieties of wine?

Anyone who has experienced a wine tasting session will be very familiar with the concept of a grape’s ‘notes’, and how these layers of flavour can be used to find the perfect pairing with any dish.

But another equally powerful pairing with wine is music - and with its own myriad notes and genres, there is a musical style to enhance any aroma or flavour vintners can create.

In fact, music has been shown to have a profound impact on how we experience wine, so here are our top wine and music pairing suggestions for enhanced flavour and emotive listening.

Sip fizz to psychedelic pop

Imagine it’s a summer’s afternoon, and you’re sitting out in the garden in the sunshine. You sense that something’s missing - two things, in fact: wine and music. On a day like this, fizz is the clear choice, with its refreshing flavour, so you need something light and upbeat as your soundtrack.

Tune into the psychedelic pop sounds of Tame Impala, perhaps, with a glass of Feudo di Santa Tresa Vino Spumante Il Grillo NV. This dry sparkling white wine enjoys notes of blossom and fruits flavours, with a bitter tonic finish. It’s to fizz what psychedelic pop is to pop, perfect for those of you looking for something a little different (but not too much!)

Mix rich reds with moody jazz

Jazz music and wine is an age-old marriage enjoyed by many. If you’re planning a night in with Serge Gainsbourg, or one of Miles Davis’ moodier albums, like Kind of Blue, a complex Beaujolais, or perhaps a red from the Loire Valley, is in order.

Alternatively, for something a little lighter, Bodega Biniagual Memories Negre 2013 is a brilliant medium-bodied dry red wine, similar to a Beaujolais but with bright aromas of berries and spice, dotted with pomegranate and a long finish. Perfect for those sultry soundtracks.

Classic music with a classic Chardonnay

Everyone likes to imagine themselves being sophisticated enough to listen to classical music with a glass of Chardonnay in hand. Well, if you try it you will find that this is a match made in music heaven indeed.

Turn on some light classical piano by Chopin, Debussy, or even a contemporary artist like Ludovico Einaudi, and crack open a bottle of Babylonstoren Chardonnay 2017 Limited Release.

This stunning dry white Chardonnay from Simonsberg, South Africa, is an elegant wine with a complex palate of subtle citrus fruit, nutty vanilla and fresh, tangy mineral tones. Plenty of fresh flavour to get you listening like a classical music aficionado indeed.

Cabernet Sauvignon meets seventies rock

It’s all very well matching wines with music that is easygoing and smooth, but what if you want to really listen to something a little more commanding? Cabernet Sauvignon is the wine for the occasion.

Say you’re hosting a listening party to enjoy, say, some seventies rock - perhaps Led Zeppelin II - a light, airy white won’t do. Instead, Cabernet Sauvignon packs a punch with rich flavours and a full body. Sharing a bottle or two of DiBonis DiCabernet Sauvignon, with its striking flavours of forest fruits, spice, and even Oak, will truly enhance this intensive musical experience.

R&B, rose and... relax!

Sometimes, you just want to put on some relaxing music, sip a glass of wine and unwind. For this, R&B has to be the perfect choice. Line up a playlist of your favourite female crooners, or maybe just plug in an iconic album such as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and relax.

What makes R&B so perfect for these kinds of evenings is that you can listen as intently as you wish - whether you mellow out to the soulful rhythms or tune in to the layers of meaning in the blues lyrics - it’s up to you.

To accompany your melodious evening, sip on a glass of Babylonstoren Mourvedre Rose 2016. This South African dry rosé wine is medium bodied in a light pink colour with flavours of strawberry yoghurt, crisp lemon and summer fruits. Perfect for a summer evening where you’re taking it slow.

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