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Stylish & Fun Gifts For Wine Lovers

Looking for ideas to wow a wine-lover at Christmas? Our suggestions for unusual and exciting gifts will inspire you to do something a little different this year. Here are seven ideas to get you enthused.

1. Give the gift of great wine

Our Explorer's Club is the monthly subscription to wine which you've always dreamed of. Sign up to one of our subscriptions to explore truly unique wines from only £29.95. Every delivery includes our exclusive Taste Different newspaper, informing you all about the latest and best wines. You can also buy any of our three Explorer's Club  packages as a gift for a wine lover you love! Find out more.

Gift of great wine

2. Essential scratch and sniff guide to becoming a wine expert

Master sommelier Richard Betts helps you understand the world of wine with a scratch and sniff book  introducing you to the basic components – the fruit, the wood, the terroir. He invites you to smell your way into the wines that suit your palate. heaps of useful information, fun illustrations and a pull-out world-wine guide. How good is your sniff?! Sniff around here...

Novel Wines recommends Scratch and sniff wine book Christmas gift

3. Maxwell and Williams sensations wine decanter in clear glass

A beautiful and unique hand-blown glass decanter with a stylish contemporary look. Aerates your wine before serving, allowing each bottle to reach its full flavor potential. For the sculpture lovers among you! Indulge...

Maxwell and Williams decanter

4. Stephenson's top hat wine cooler

A robust, black, plastic top hat that acts as an ice bucket. Simply fill with ice cubes and plonk in your two bottles of bubbly or white wine. By the end of the evening the wine will still be chilled and you’ll probably have to stop someone trying to put it on their head, but hey, that’s all part of the fun. It’s practical and easy to clean, too. Cool style...

5. Bracelet Flask in Rose Gold  

These striking bracelet flasks are made of high quality food grade stainless steel Offers comfort - its various parts are very smooth on the skin, and beauty – it reflects lights, making its multi-coloured hues a talking point . Ever wanted to wear a rainbow on your wrist? Buy one here.

Optical illusion wine bottle holder

6. Magic illusion wine bottle holder set

The perfect way to show off a good bottle of wine in class! The holder is a welded chain into which you insert the neck of a standard bottle of wine, creating the illusion of a floating wine bottle. As much an optical illusion as a bottle holder! Find out more!

7. Glassbulb light

The Glassbulb Light is a lamp shaped like a wineglass. It’s the perfect lighting for those long romantic evenings accompanied by a luscious full-bodied red wine. This LED’s inside will shine for over 20.000 hours, so that’s around 10 years of romance! Explore more...

Glassbulb lamp gifts

8. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

For those cosy nights round the fire with a good glass. “You will laugh so hard that you snort whatever you're drinking right out your nose, and people will stare”. In this book of essays, famed raconteur David Sedaris explores the idiosyncrasies of his own family, his list of deal-breakers for relationships, and the trials of learning French from a teacher who told him that "every day spent with you is like having a cesarean section." Buy the book.

Me Talk Pretty One Day book recommended by Novel Wines

A great wine to match Sedaris' crisp, elegant and acidic sense of humour is a Sauvignon Blanc like Oliver Zeter Sauvignon Blanc Fumé 2016, Germany

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