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Should I join the Wine Society?

The answer to that question is: Yes.

OK, so you might find it strange coming to a different wine website that tells you to go join its competition - but hear us out. We love The Wine Society. If you want to buy great wines from the classic regions then you can't go wrong, they're brilliant on every level.

Novel Wines co-exists with The Wine Society to offer you undiscovered, more unusual wines from around the world. We're the best kept secrets, so for those moments when you're looking for something extraordinary we're here for you.

The Wine Society has one of the most fantastic wine lists ever curated and an excellent service record. We strive to be as good as The Wine Society but to offer something very different. As members of the Wine Society ourselves, we love having the best of both worlds.

As many of our customers are also esteemed Society members, we wanted to encourage the rest of you to go join up too. Just remember that when you want a wine from the Balkans, the Med, a home grown English bubbly or a bottle of Asian wine, Novel Wines has a hand-curated wine list ready and waiting for your order.

Enjoy exploring great wines!

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