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Romantic and fun couples activities to try in 2019!

Spending quality time with your significant other shouldn't break the bank. Expensive gifts, fancy wining and dining are all great, but sometimes it's nice to take a step back and enjoy the small things in life. Try something different: explore the outdoors, take part in activities in your area or stay home a try a different recipe! These are a few ideas to slow down, take time to appreciate the beauty around you and have a great time (without breaking the bank)!

Secret beach sunset for two. The National Trust has compiled a list of the most beautiful secret beaches in the UK. To be honest, the sunset on a not-so secret beach is great as well. So wrap up warm, bring a picnic blanket to sit on and a soft blanket to cuddle up in. Top tip: check sunset times before heading out, especially in summer - unless you don't mind waiting for a while. Pack a thermos of tea or coffee  or, if you're feeling a glass of wine, pack two glasses, a bottle of Chateau Ksara Sunset Rose' and some fresh strawberries.  

Try a ceilidh near you. Attending a serious couples dance class can be intimidating, especially if you or you partner were born with two left feet. Let alone trying more sensual styles of dance like salsa - some peoples' hips just genetically don't have that range of motion. Ceilidhs are social events with traditional folk music and choreographed group dances which are easy and fun. Likely you'll both end up having a great time while trying to keep up and laughing (at yourselves) for the whole duration of the event!

A walk in the woods. Explore the magical ecosystem of ancient woodlands in the UK. Ancient woods have been around for many centuries and looks like fragments of old landscapes, where druids and legendary kings used to roam. Note that not all of these beautiful sites are accessible to the public, so we recommend checking the Woodland Trust's website before planning your trip. 

Try out a new recipe. The possibilities are endless. From designing your own cheese and wine evening (you can check our cheese pairing cheat sheets for a quick and easy reference), to supermarket's meal for two deals. There seems to be too much choice! If you want to experiment with healthy, plant based recipes, we recommend to check out Deliciously Ella, if you don't already know her! Try pairing one of her recipes with an organic, biodynamic and vegan-friendly wine like Meinklang Frizzante Prosa. This wine is an affordable rose' sparkling with a very refined palate but a profound attention to health and environmental issues. What's not to love?

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