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Novel Wines looks to Armenian wine to extend UK-leading range of unique wines

The founders of Novel Wines visited the London Wine Fair in May and discovered a selection of exceptionally high quality red wines from Armenia.

Located in Eurasia next to Georgia, Armenia can trace its wine-making history back centuries and are now looking to export high quality wines to the Western market. The red wines in particular excited Ben and Gyorgy; they are full bodied, well structured, something completely different and, most importantly, delicious to drink.

Novel Wines - Armenian red wines

We also discovered a wonderful new grape variety called "Areni Noir". In both the styles of the young Voskevaz and reserve Old Bridge (pictured above) the variety showed very well. It's similar in style to a Pinot Noir, bursting with red cherry flavour, but is perhaps fuller and seems to take to oak rather beautifully.

Jancis Robinson called Areni Noir "Armenia's promising speciality variety".

We also found some interesting sweet wines and dry white wines we may look to buy if there is a good reception for these excellent red wines.

Today we're living in a world where you can find fabulous, quality wines from all over the world. Isn't it time we all started exploring and tasting something new?

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We will be introducing wines from Armenia in August. Watch this space.

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