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Novel Wines Introduces a'Beckett's Vineyard

We are really excited to be able to introduce a new range of wines from a'Beckett's vineyard in Devizes. We will be stocking 5 new wines from them including the delicious, fresh apple flagship white Lynchet's 2014 and two delicious sparkling wines, the Cuvee Victoria Rosé and Cuvee Victor

The vineyard is owned by the Langham family, which includes Paul Langham the ex-chairman of the UKVA and his wife Lynn. Lynn found the space for the vineyard and in April 2001 the Langhams planted their first vines. 

Previously to becoming a vineyard under the Langhams, a'Beckett's was home to a successful fruit and orchard farm for over 50 years. The soil here is greensand over chalk, the latter of which is similar to the Champagne region and a fabulous terroir for the classic grapes like Chardonnay.

Here are the grapes planted at a'Beckett's:

White Grapes
Chardonnay* Classic French variety we are using ENTAV 96 clone on SO4 rootstock.
Pinot Auxerrois* A distant relative of Chardonnay and used in the Alsace Region of France.
Reichensteiner* A German Grape developed in the late 1930’s, known for its heavy cropping abilities.
Sevyal Blanc* A French grape developed in the 1920’s and at one time France had over 1300 hectares, though this has reduced in recent years. A consistent variety that can be used for still and sparkling wine production.
Red Grapes
Pinot Noir* One of the classic varieties grown throughout the world for red wine production and also for sparkling wine production especially Champagne.
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