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Meet the Rabl Family Winery: Purveyors of Austrian Gruner Veltliner

An introduction to the winery

Weingut Rabl is based in Lagenlois, Austria. It’s a family-run winery headed up by winemaker Rudolf Rabl Jnr since he took it over from his father in 1986. According to Rudolf, the name Rabl “stands for wine pleasure of the highest standard.”

Today Rabl is one of Austria’s largest wineries, sourcing wine from over 75 hectares of vineyard. However, no matter how large the winery’s grown, Rudolf hasn’t forgotten that the best wines are about the harmony of the vines and their surroundings, emphasising terroir, the climate and its unique location.

In the winery’s cellars, Rudolf focuses on “spontaneous” fermentation and long must contact. This helps preserve the aromas of his wines. In the last decade, Weingut Rabl has enjoyed many awards both regionally and on the international stage.

You can find his beautiful, dry Gruner Veltliners on our wine list's Austria section.

Rabl's home

The Rabl family winery is located in the sought-after region of Kamptal-Donau in Austria. You can trace their history back until 1750. The reason for their success must have something to do with the Kamp Valley, which benefits from its own unique microclimate and mineral-rich soils.

In the vineyard sites surrounding the town of Langenlois, Rabl Jnr selects only the highest quality grapes. Often these come from the cooler more windy sites with exceptional acidity, which are then combined with grapes grown on sun terraces, resulting in rich but ultimately fresh wines.

The mineral rich soils give the wines their trademark terroir and mineral elegance.

Our wine selection from the family-owned Austrian winery Weingut Rabl

Modern winemaking

Rabl spend four weeks harvesting their Gruner Veltliner, ensuring a combination of different harvest states that make up the Rabl blend. These range from the fruitier styles to the richer bodied, often retaining Gruner Veltliner's savoury appeal. Both Rabl's wines were fermented in stainless steel tanks, preserving the character of the grapes in the end wine.

Austrian vineyards towards Vienna - Austrian tourist board

Getting to know Lower Austria for wine

The gorgeous rolling hills of Lower Austria (or Niederösterreich) run along the Danube River and are home to 27,128 hectares of vines. In modern times, this area of Austria has moved away from mass-produced wine and is now hailed as one of the country’s largest quality wine producing regions.

44% of the vineyards in Lower Austria are planted with its star grape variety, the zippy, fresh and savoury Gruner Veltliner, native to Austria. Riesling is also commonly grown here. While production focuses on dry, aromatic white wines, Austria is also producing mind-blowing noble rot dessert wines.

Alongside these juggernaut varieties, Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), Chardonnay, Zweigelt and Pinot Blanc are also grown here. This creates a landscape of truly diverse wines and puts Austria near the top of many wine lover’s travel plans.


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