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Meet the DiBonis Winery: putting Serbia on the map

Serbia’s coveted red wine experts DiBonis have reached UK shores and people are taking notice.

DiBonis is the brainchild of Laslo Boni from Croatia who comes from a long line of vineyard owners and winemakers. Originally an engineer, Laslo chose to follow his family’s tradition and moved into winemaking in 2004.

Seeking out the ideal terroir, Laslo planted the first vines for DiBonis in 2005 in Subotica-Horgos, Serbia. While the area is known for white wines, Laslo decided to go his own path and planted Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot. The region has some of the most sunshine days per year, meaning red wine has the opportunity to mature well, especially with Laslo’s flagship varietal Shiraz.

The best Salas, which means a traditional Vojvodina farm, blends the traditions and old secrets of the vineyard owner’s forefathers with the modern demands of today’s markets. While DiBonis’ original base was in Subotica-Horgos, Laslo has expanded by purchasing a Salas farm in the neighbouring Radanovac Village near Palic Lake.

Here, in 2008, Laslo built a wine cellar and installed some of the latest technology in winemaking. Using quality fruit and little intervention during fermentation, the wines are then matured in American and Hungarian oak before being bottled.

Today Laslo’s wines, just 10 years on, are favourites with critics across the world. We were really impressed with three of his wines in particular: the Shiraz-dominant ‘1697’ blend from 2009 (£28.95), his chocolatey DiFranc 2011 (£24.95) and the staggeringly-good DiCabernet Sauvignon from 2008 (£24.95). Both wines will leave you speechless!

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