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Is Indian wine the future?

The Asian country has the land and investment to become the world’s next wine juggernaut – but can it overcome its low domestic demand and conquer the export market?

India’s tropical climate makes it surprising that it can make quality wine at all but a combination of its ancient soil, modern winemaking methods and investment from European and New World winemakers has surpassed all expectations.

Wineries such as Fratelli by Italian winemaker Masi Piero and Kerry Damskey’s joint venture with Rajeev Samant at Sula Vineyards has proved India can make superb wine. Use of oak to temper over-ripe fruit and selecting bigger varieties like Shiraz and Chenin Blanc has gone in India’s favour. The wines today are competing with some of the best in the mid-range price category from traditional wine regions.

While domestic demand for wine is growing but still relatively low, export markets like the UK are keen to share India’s early success story. We’re proud to have discovered these two brilliant wineries and can’t wait to see what styles of wine India conquers next!

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