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Interest in Uruguayan wine grows after success at Decanter

Uruguay has been awarded two Platinum - Best in Show titles at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2017, alongside an additional Platinum medal, six Silver medals and five Bronze medals.

Interest in Uruguay's ability to make delicious red wine has just grown pretty quickly after those results. We've sold out of a few of our reds already and we've just put in an order to get more in stock to meet demand.

The big win for Uruguayan wine, led predominantly by winery Bodega Garzon (pictured above), has led to some critics calling Uruguayan Tannat "South America's Rioja" in anticipation for the growth in both quality and demand yet to come.

Uruguay has made big waves by adopting the French Tannat grape as its own national variety, opting to make fruitier, structured Tannat reds as opposed to the tongue-shrivelling dry styles that require many vintages in the cellar that tend to be produced out of Madiran in south west France.

The top award for a Madiran Tannat was a Silver medal for the Cuvée du Couvent by Domaine Capmartin.

If you haven't tasted Uruguayan Tannat before, you've never had a better excuse to give it a go than this brilliant success story.


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