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How Wine Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

You might assume that the venue or the entertainment you choose might be the focal point of your wedding. But whilst having a swoon-worthy wedding venue and memory-making entertainment are both certainly crucial to the success of any wedding, so is the wine.

Yes. You heard us right. Because sipping on an awful quality wine is so not going to impress your guests. And guess what makes everyone merry and have a splendid time? Alcoholic beverages.

Wedding wines

Whilst you might think about your wine choice in isolation, in fact, many things are tied to it. Like how it compliments the dishes you serve, and how well it fits with the theme and location for example. It’s safe to say wine just might have a bigger impact on your wedding than you initially presumed.

It’s a pleasure to choose a special wine

First things first. Aside from the fact that wine can make a difference to your big day, it’s worth noting that choosing your favourite wine can be very enjoyable. It’s a bonding experience for you and your new spouse to be, and an aspect of the day you have control over.

Even if you’re yet to discover your inner wine lover, the process of choosing wine for your wedding just might get you excited about expanding your wine horizons.

Share great wines

Tip - Before you book your dream wedding venue, check whether they charge corkage and what sort of wine selection they have. Are there any wines that take your fancy? Once you’ve booked you may be stuck with a limited choice.

It’s a reflection of your tastes

Are you and your fiance more of a smooth Merlot kind of couple or are you more impressed by a rich Rioja? Picking your wine gives you the chance to share your wine preferences with your guests. And if you're completely new to wine, it can help you to figure out which wines you like. Your venue should provide plenty of info about each wine and be on hand to answer any questions.

Tip - You might like to book a wine tasting somewhere before you select your wedding wines so you can get a better idea of what takes your fancy.  

Wine selections

It says something about the quality of the venue/catering

Most quality venues will take a lot of care over the types of wines they have available for weddings. If your guests like the wine and appreciate that it’s of a decent quality, they’ll have a better overall impression of the venue.

Absolutely mad about wine? You could even consider having your actual wedding at a vineyard - many of which are absolutely stunning.

Tip - If you’re both wine lovers, make sure you let the venues know when you’re researching that the wine selection is important to you. You may also want to consider wedding venues that allow you to bring your own alcohol so you can choose whatever wine you like.

Delicious food loves delicious wines!

It should compliment your food choices perfectly

There’s nothing worse than an awful food/wine pairing. Especially at a wedding when everyone is expecting everything to be pure perfection. If you’re going to splash out on that expensive beef dish for example, you don’t want to spoil it by pairing it with an unsuitable wine. The wine you go for can really have a big impact on people’s overall impressions of your wedding meal.

Tip - Ask the venue to recommend the best food/wine pairings. And if you don’t trust them, do your own research and see what sort of wines might go with the dishes you’ve chosen.

Babylonstoren Babel Red Wine

People remember a damn good wine

Lastly, it’s important to note that people remember the little details from weddings. Like how tasty the wine was. If it leaves a good taste in their mouth the chances are it will be something they’ll remember about your wedding, and another reason to rave about how good it was. Because a first class wine is memorable.

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