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Featured Wine Flight! Croatia, Sardinia, Hungary and Beyond

Evening folks! Today we're showcasing a recent wine flight we did for one of our Silver Private Wine Tasting customers. At each of our tastings we try and showcase a wide range of styles so that everyone falls in love with something. However, this recent flight required us to do some deeper thinking as we designed it around some delicious food pairings. We decided to share these wine and food matches with you so you can give the same flight a go at home!

Wine 1: Domaine Koquelicot Kontempo Blanc du Blanc Zero Dose NV, Croatia

Domaine Koquelicot Kontempo Blanc du Blancs

For the Silver Package we kick off with a delicious fizz. Over the last few tastings we've shown off a lot of our English wine selection so this time I chose to go for our very special 100% Chardonnay fizz from Domaine Koquelicot in Istria, Croatia.

The wine is created by Burgundian-inspired Jaqueline Marovac and Olivier Ertzbischoff in the Istrian peninsula. It's made following the traditional method but is partly barrel-fermented and matured to add extra weight and flavour to the wine.

Full of pink grapefruit, red apple, honey and hints of butter, this wine is delicious with smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Wine 2: Poderi Parpinello 'Ala Blanca' Vermentino 2018, Sardinia

Following on from the stunning fizz we went for the Poderi Parpinello winery's top Vermentino. 'Ala Blanca' means 'White Wings' and refers to the seagulls that flew over the vineyard as the children would cry, "Here come the white wings!"

Winemaker Paolo Parpinello has created a big, flavoursome style with aromas of ripe fruit, apple and pineapple coulis supported by a voluptuous palate of peach, warm spice and almonds.

This versatile wine will pair happily with spinach and ricotta ravioli, smoked fish, fish tacos or pork sausages. However, we chose to pair it with a spinach and artichoke calzone.

Wine 3: Peter Kabar 2017, Tokaj

Peter Kabar wines

It's a tough act to follow a Vermentino as good as Parpinello's, so we had to really think about a white wine to go after. Luckily we recently discovered the super rare Kabar grape, made into this delicious wine by Peter Pince in the village of Tokaj. 

Kabar, a crossing of Hárslevelű and Bouvier, is only really planted in this area and is a real undiscovered gem. It's rich, warming, honeyed and very spicy with a surprising depth of flavour that seems to go on forever. 

Ideal with Foie gras or ginger and chilli dumplings.

Wine 4: Oliver Zeter Pinot Noir Reserve 2014, Germany

From the "big bear" Oliver Zeter comes this wild-ferment Pinot Noir full of Burgundian charm - despite being made in Pfalz. Zeter has been a driving force for quality wines and his Pinot Noir Reserve is a towering achievement.

The wine is bound to leave an impression as it leads with inviting aromas of raspberries, violets and crushed berries. The palate is soft, concentrated and velvet-like in texture, mainly thanks to 50% of the blend being matured in oak.

We paired this one with shittake mushrooms pan-fried in garlic butter on a bit of toasted brioche. Delicious!

Wine 5: DiBonis DiCabernet 2008, Serbia

DiBonis DiCabernet Sauvignon

Now we're coming to the final dry wine so we decided to go big and bold with our friends at DiBonis. Laszlo Boni, the winemaker, set-up the winery to make the very best wines imaginable from grapes grown in Serbia. 

One of our all-time favourites from Bonis is the varietal Cabernet Sauvignon that is now over a decade old! It has seen new oak, so it's chocolatey, silky-smooth and packed with rich, ripe black fruits. 

This wine is exclusive to us but limited in supply so we had to choose something sexy for the food pairing. The pick? Sirloin steak or portabello mushroom roasted and then laced with melted Gorgonzola. Mmm.

Wine 6: Demetervin Sweet Szamorodni 2013, Tokaj

To round-off the whole flight, cleanse our palates and indulge delightfully into something sticky-sweet, we ended with Demetervin Szamorodni dessert wine. Made by Andre Demeter, one of Tokaj's leading winemakers, this is something that takes sweet wine to heavenly status.

The partly botrytised grapes give special complexity to the wine, in which the aromas and flavours of fresh and dried fruits, citrus and gingerbread spices also appear.

Mouth-wateringly good, try it with New York cheesecake and fresh fruit or, like we did, with a platter of crumbly blue cheese!

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