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Colomba Bianca: A little taste of sunshine as winter sets in

The winter begs for a little taste of sunshine, doesn't it? Few places will transport you to the sun-kissed summer like Sicily, and one reliable favourite is the co-operative winery Colomba Bianca.

Set-up in 1970, Colomba Bianca is the largest grower co-op on the island and the biggest Italian producer of certified organic wines. Their estate dedicates a whopping 1,800 hectares to organically grown fruit, but their philosophy is focused on micro-viticulture and micro-winemaking to ensure precision, quality and expression of terroir. The wines are made under the watchful eye of head winemaker Mattia Filippi and Francesco Asaro. 

Indigenous grapes like Zibibbo, a Muscat-style white wine, and Nero d'Avola, a soft ripe plummy red, are firm favourites with our customers and Colomba Bianca are masters of easy-drinking examples. This no-fuss reliability makes their wines great hallmarks for the winter season. 

The vineyards stretch across the island of Sicily, thriving in the Mediterranean sunshine and ripening without fault year-on-year. They range from sea-level, fruit-driven grapes to higher altitude, some 700m high, in-land grapes with fabulous freshness. With bright and tasty fruit like this, it's not difficult to make great wine. Filippi and his team have a start-of-the-art winery, so all the ripe and full flavours of the grapes can be properly looked after, leading to some seriously characterful wines without breaking the bank.

The Colomba Bianca 'Vitese' Organic Zibibbo (£9.99) is a great white wine with shellfish dishes like calamari, king prawns, or oysters. Meanwhile, the full and spicy Nero d'Avola is perfect with roast top-side beef or hearty winter stews. 

For fans of Chinese cuisine, the rounder style of the Lumari Nero d'Avola Rose makes for a great pairing, especially with the sweet and sour dishes.

There's also the full, fruity Kore Organic Grillo from Colomba Bianca's finer range, which still comes in at a great value price of £12.99, that is a delicious pairing with roast turkey, oily fish like salmon, or strong cheese.

We hope you're enjoying our Winter Winemaker Series. Check back in soon for more!

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