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Austrian Wine Enjoys Record Export Revenue

According to the Austrian Wine Marketing Board Austria enjoyed record exports by value in 2016. They exported 49 million litres, a fall of over a third since its height in 2003 (approx. 80 mil litres) but that wine was worth a record €148 million in value, nearly double the €70m made in 2003.

Austrian Wine SalesThe Board said this was down to a trend for export markets to change their atitudes from mass produced Austrian wines to more premium options. Austria is already very well known for producing the world's most-sought after Gruner Veltliner white wines.

Key growth markets like the USA won't necessarily surprise anyone but growth also continued in markets like Hong Kong and Germany, the latter already well known for its premium grade refreshing white wines.

According to Drinks Business, Willi Klinger - MD of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board - revealed desires to see Austrian's wine export market to increase by another third in value by 2020 to a whopping €200m.

The UK imports a lot of Austrian wines already but has been identified as a key growth market for Austrian wine. Our market here is often targeted as price per litre value is usually higher than continental Europe and we are also home to many influential wine commentators, which is important for the more premium market.

One thing is definitely clear: demand for quality Austrian wine is only going up.

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