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8 Reasons Why Portuguese Wine Is Amazing

Trundling through the supermarket, you pass the same old European wines, tired brands and likely choose the same bottle as usual. Whoa, stop right there!

Let us open your eyes and awaken your curiosity to the exciting range of undiscovered wines available to your palate. There are so many countries that produce fantastic wines, and if you keep going for the brand, you’re missing out on pastures new.

Take Portugal, for example. It has so much to offer the adventurous wine taster, that it can be hard to know where to start.

Shaped by nature, its mountainous landscape protects lush vineyards from blazing heat and Atlantic storms. The result is an astonishing quality of wine, vibrant and full of ripeness. Many fabulous Portuguese grape varieties are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered.

We have uncorked just a few reasons why Portugal should be sailing to the top of your wine list, so let’s go!

1. All about the grape

Portugal enjoys a fabulous, sun-soaked ocean climate that is ideal for winemaking. From the steep vineyards of the Douro Valley and fertile soil of the Vinho Verde, to the southern Alentejo region, the variety of grapes offer a remarkable choice to you, the new wine connoisseur.

2. Magnificent reds

The famous Douro Valley produces robust and exciting red wine, its boldness perfect for adventurous palettes. Our Alves de Sousa Caldas Tinto 2015 is a taste bud explosion; aromas of blackberry, chocolate and (wait for it!) violets battle for your affections, whilst gentle barrel-ageing ensures perfection. Highly recommended.

3. Wondrous whites

For the more discerning palate, rather than decamping back to the 1970’s with a cardboard Chardonnay, the Reguengo de Melgaco Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2016 is an aromatic, zesty alternative, that drifts you back to the warm waters of the Atlantic. You might need to learn Portuguese for ‘another bottle please!’

4. Rosé’s not red

Much as we like a wine pun, we like a delicate rosé even more. Portugal is home to over 250 different grape varieties, how exciting is that? This diversity means that each region has a unique-tasting spritzy splash of pink fizz that is a delight to behold.

5. Made with love

We don’t just rove Portugal for wine; no way rosé! We demand excellence and only stock gorgeous, rare wines for you to discover. Small family producers also ensure that the historic craft involved in Portuguese winemaking is bottled for your pleasure.

6. Old meets New

The velvety Touriga Nacional grape is one of Portugal’s oldest; however, you may never have encountered it, due to its low yields and small fruit. However, rare does not mean expensive, with our Fontanario de Pegoes 'Palmela' Tinto 2016. Add lip-smacking Cabernet Sauvignon and Castelao grapes for a quaffable beauty.

The adventurous ‘new you’ needs this in your life!

7. Unique flavours

The geography and history of Portugal play a crucial role in its vast amount of indigenous grape varieties. Isolated for centuries, Portuguese growers focused on the magnificent flavours available to them, producing some of the finest but less-heralded wines in the world. It is time for you to explore, no Shirazzzzz for you anymore!

8. Port in a Storm

When the weather turns, sailing to your rescue is the regal Alves de Sousa Quinta da Gaivosa 20YO Tawny Porto, with its rich notes of figs and almonds. Warm and velvety, it takes two decades of expert nurturing before this majestic Portuguese dessert wine is ready to be enjoyed and is famous worldwide.

We have shown that whilst it may not grab the headlines, Portugal offers a world of adventure, undiscovered grape varieties and fantastic wines that will surprise you.


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