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Novel Wines with Yaz and Ben - Body in Wine

How to Taste Wine - The Palate Test: Body in Wine

In the next part of Novel Wines with Yaz & Ben we're looking at body in wine. Wine specialist Ben Franks helps broadcast journo and wine newbie Yaz Cooke discover what we mean by "light bodied", "medium bodied" and "full bodied" by tasting...

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Dave Rotheroe and Ben Franks Cheese Posties and Wine Pairings

Pairing Cheese Posties With Fine Wines

We have some pretty exciting news for cheeselovers: we've discovered the ideal subscription package for you in Cheese Posties. These guys send out everything you need for a delicious cheese toastie in the post.  To celebrate such an awesome subscription box,...

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New web series to begin filming from Novel Wines

Novel Wines begins filming brand new web series

We're always looking for new ways we can share our unique wines with you. We believe that every wine should be a talking point so we're beginning an all-new web series to inspire conversation around our undiscovered wines.  Broadcaster and...

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